1. With FlexiLiga you can win even if you are not the best player.
  2. Every year, in autumn (October), we draw winners from  the all year round players list ! You will get on that list by attending all 3 seasons of the year (Autumn, Spring, Summer). You can win fun prizes even if you are not among the best players.
  3. The prize draw is based on the number of "TICKETS".  The chances of winning are rising according to how high in rankings you are in each of the 3 seasons. The upper ten percent of players in the league will receive 10 "tickets". Other 10% below receive 9 tickets and so on. The last 10% get 1 ticket.  Throughout the year, you can collect up to 30 "tickets"  in one sport category  for the final draw .
  4. Example:  Charlie won 8 tickets in autumn season and 9 in spring, but he did not play in summer. Therefore, unfortunately he won't be placed in the draw and his 17 tickets will be of no use.

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